BMW 3 Series vs Lexus IS

BMW 3 Series

Want to treat yourself to something fast and flashy? A proper sports sedan is just the thing to create a stir as you drive around Stratham, Exeter, or Portsmouth, NH. So, which sports sedan is rightfully proper? There’s an abundance of options to consider, yet the BMW 3 Series vs. Lexus IS debate is a seemingly endless one. Both models look good, both feature high-end materials—but, really, it’s the differences that matter.

At BMW of Stratham, we’re breaking down those differences in this brief but helpful comparison!

Performance Favors the Germans

BMW 3 SeriesSports sedan are, by most estimates, supposed to deliver as compelling a performance package as possible while also offering traditional sedan usability. While both models are functional, the BMW 3 Series blows away the Lexus IS in its most aggressive, sporty trims.

Clearly, the 472 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque delivered by the top Lexus trim is no joke. That’s blistering acceleration at your fingertips, to the tune of a 4.4-second 0 to 60 MPH dash. The thing is, BMW takes things one step further—maybe a few steps further, actually.

The highest displacement for a BMW 3 Series registers at 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to some tidy German engineering, the BMW 3 Series can also dash from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.4 seconds, arriving at the finish line a full second ahead of the Lexus.

What’s also noteworthy are the transmission options. If you’re the type of driver who enjoys rowing their own gears, the BMW is your only choice. Even at its peak performance the BMW can be enjoyed with a manual transmission, while not a single manual is offered in the Lexus lineup.

Customizing Your Sports Sedan

BMW 3 SeriesThere are a few different ways to craft your ideal Lexus IS. The elegant sedan comes in six trims, one of which is a Launch Edition iteration which can be tricky to come by. BMW takes things a step further once again, even offering 3 Series sedans with powertrains you’d never come across in the Lexus.

The base trio of options for the BMW, which are then further broken down into trim levels, is as follows:

  • BMW 3 Series 330i models
  • BMW 3 Series 330e models
  • BMW 3 Series M3 models

The M3 models come from the M-division within BMW, where all the most hardcore performance vehicles are crafted. The 330e model is a plug-in hybrid. If you’ve been thinking about electrification but aren’t sure you want to go all-in just yet, a plug-in hybrid is the happy medium between gas and all-electric. It’s also the sort of powertrain you won’t find in the Lexus regardless of trim.

BMW 3-Series Topples Lexus IS

Do you want a semi-electric car? Want to peruse trims to find your exact luxury fit? Maybe you just want to sear pavement with your off-the-line speed around Stratham, Exeter, or Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Whatever the case may be, it’s the BMW 3 Series you’re after. If so, our lineup of BMW 3 Series models here at BMW of Stratham is worth a look. Contact our team to get started!