Car Battery Replacement

One of our service technicians performing a car battery replacement at BMW of Stratham.

The battery is one of the most important parts of any automobile. Without it, you won’t be able to drive anywhere around Stratham, Portsmouth, or Exeter.

So, if your car battery is on the way out, it’ll need to get replaced as soon as possible. Below, we’ll go over the car battery replacement process and where you can get one done today. Read all about it below, and don’t hesitate to contact us at BMW of Stratham if you have any questions.

Our Educational Car Battery Guides:

How The Car Battery Works

One of our service technicians at BMW of Stratham testing a car battery.Essentially, the battery is the heart of your car. Like a heart, it constantly pumps a steady stream of life into the vehicle. Without a heart, you don’t have life (just like a battery to a car).

A car battery performs two essential functions. First, it’s what starts your car. It does this by delivering voltage to the starter by converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

Next, the battery is what keeps the car moving. It delivers the right amount of energy to start the car. It’ll also provide a steady stream of energy to keep the engine running throughout your drive.

Since the battery is closely tied to the car’s starting and charging systems, it’s essential that it’s working properly. If not, it’ll need to be replaced.

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Replacing The Car Battery

There are several things you need to keep in mind when replacing a car battery. First, you’ll need to make sure the car is turned off and in park with the emergency brake set. You’ll also want to be careful to not get any battery acid on you, your clothes, or the car.

To replace a car battery:

  1. Pop the hood and find the battery.
  2. Detach the negative (black) battery cable from the battery.
  3. Detach the positive (red) battery cable from the battery.
  4. Take the battery out of its tray.
  5. Use a battery-cleaning solution, or a mix of water and baking soda, to clean the battery tray and cable connectors.
  6. Place the new battery in the tray and secure it with the hold-down clamp.
  7. Attach and tighten the black and red battery cables.

Car Battery Guide

A close-up of one of our service technicians putting a car battery in a vehicle at BMW of Stratham.
Replacing a car battery is a pretty straightforward process. However, you might feel more comfortable leaving it to the experts. If so, then bring your car to our service center.

Here, we’ll help you get the right battery for your vehicle. Our team will make sure it’s the right size and the terminal locations work for your car. We’ll also give you a fresh battery and recycle the old one.

Furthermore, there are several tests performed beforehand to ensure the battery is of the highest quality. For example, there’s the battery-life test. This includes partially draining and recharging the battery over a several-week period. If the battery meets voltage and amperage limits, then you know it’ll withstand real-life demands.

Schedule a Car Battery Replacement

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