BMW 330i vs Audi A4

BMW 330i vs Audi A4

You’ve got a need for speed. So, when it comes to your vehicle, don’t settle for something that won’t deliver all your desires along the roads of Stratham, Portsmouth, or Exeter, New Hampshire. Instead, opt for the spine-tingling strength of either the 2022 BMW 330i or the 2022 Audi A4.

Still, for industry-leading performance, luxurious amenities, and top-notch comfort, only one of these vehicles will raise the bar across every category.

To see which one of these agile automobiles crosses the finish line first, check out our BMW 330i vs. Audi A4 car comparison created by the team at BMW of Stratham. Once you get a sense of the details found in these two cars, you’ll know which option is better for you. Contact us with any questions as you read along!

BMW 330i vs Audi A4: Engine Specs

BMW 330i vs Audi A4

After the highway opens up and you hit the accelerator, make sure you’re met with a dose of electrifying force. That’s why the 2022 BMW 330i comes packed with a standard 2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine that pumps out 255 horsepower and 294 lb-ft of torque.

BMW 330i Specs

255 horsepower 294 lb-ft of torque

Audi A4 Specs

201 horsepower

236 lb-fit of torque


To harness all that power, the BMW sedan also includes an intuitive 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes. With this device, every surge of your vehicle will be met with the appropriate gear, no matter what.

Alternatively, the 2022 Audi A4 features a 2.0L engine that produces 201 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque and includes a 7-speed transmission. Without the powertrain or performance numbers set forth by its BMW competitor, you may find this automobile doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

BMW 330i vs Audi A4: MPG & More

Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or opening it up on the highway, fuel efficiency is going to be important in a sedan like the 2022 BMW 330i or the 2022 Audi A4.

When both models are equipped with their standard engines, the 330i just edges out the EPA-estimated 26 city/34 highway MPG of the A4 with an EPA-estimated 26 city/36 highway MPG fuel economy of its own.* Both sedans feature fuel tank capacities of just over 15 gallons.

When you get behind the wheel of models from brands like BMW and Audi, speed and acceleration are almost always going to be on your mind. Both the 330i and the A4 feature top speeds of 130 MPH. However, once again, the 330i earns another leg up with a 0 to 60 MPH acceleration time of 5.6 seconds compared to the 6.3 seconds of the A4’s standard 40 TFSI® engine.

BMW 330i vs Audi A4: Interior

BMW 330i vs Audi A4

Your seat behind the wheel of your sports car should be as comfortable as possible. Luckily, the cabins of the BMW 330i and the Audi A4 are encapsulated by rich fabrics and materials like wood grain trims and leather seats. However, only the 330i allows you to forego leather and stick with their standard leather alternative: SensaTec upholstery.

Plus, the BMW comes standard with power front sport seats and available 4-way lumbar support. None of these features can be found on the Audi A4.

With either option, you’ll enjoy those beautiful, sunny days with the standard power sunroof of the A4 and the 330i’s standard 2-way power glass moonroof with “one-touch” operation and interior sunshade.

When the weather outside isn’t as agreeable, you’ll want to take comfort inside your sedan. The automatic 3-Zone Climate Control of the 2022 330i will help you do so with ease. With the Advanced Vehicle & Key Memory system of the 330i, you can even program your BMW to remember all your preferred seat, mirror, and climate settings.

330i vs A4: Interior Dimensions

While the power-adjustable seats of the BMW 330i and the Audi A4 will certainly help keep you comfortable, you’ll want to ensure the comfort of your passengers as well.

Both sedans provide plenty of room from the front seat to the back row, including their fair share of cargo space. Here’s how their cabin interiors stack up:

BMW 330i Audi A4
Legroom (front/rear) 42/35.2 inches 41.3/35.7 inches
Headroom (front/rear) 38.7/37.6 inches 37.3/37.4 inches
Shoulder Room (front/rear) 56/54.6 inches 55.9/54.5 inches
Cargo Volume 13 cubic feet 12 cubic feet
Seating Capacity 5 5


As you can see, both models offer ample room in both rows as well as sufficient cargo space, but the 2022 BMW 330i provides just a bit more in those crucial areas to take the upper hand once again.

BMW vs Audi: Comparing Technology & Innovation

BMW 330i vs Audi A4

When you have lots of clients and co-workers to stay in touch with, connectivity is everything. The 2022 330i is equipped with a suite of intelligent tools that will help you access all your important information.

For example, you won’t be forced to go without a connection to the Internet—even in the most remote location—with this car’s available Wi-Fi Hotspot. If your smartphone’s battery is on its last breath, restore its lifeline with the optional wireless charging port.

Both sedans also feature a wide array of connectivity applications. Not only will these features keep everyone entertained, but they can also offer some crucial assistance when you’re behind the wheel.

While the A4 makes a push with integrative features like Google Earth™ and Amazon® Alexa capabilities, the 330i comes standard with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connectivity as well as hands-free Bluetooth®.

BMW 330i vs Audi A4: Which One Will You Choose?

After reviewing the details of the technologies contained inside these sedans, it’s likely you’re ready to take on the roads of Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH. With the BMW 330i as your comrade on the highway, you’ll tackle every obstacle better than ever before.

To further explore the cutting-edge amenities contained in this agile road cruiser, stop by the showroom at BMW of Stratham or contact us to schedule your test drive today!

* The EPA classification is based on interior passenger and cargo volumes. Please refer to for more information.