BMW 530i Lease


If you’ve ever dreamt of hitting the road in a sedan that’s stylish and fun to drive, look no further than the BMW 530i. From its iconic design to its classy and comfortable cabin, it’s the premier choice for seeing Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH.

Leasing this majestic midsize sedan is yet another way to get behind the wheel. If you’re interested in a BMW 530i lease, check out the options and BMW lease offers at BMW of Stratham.


Why Lease a BMW 530i

Whether going out to dinner, entertaining clients, or on your way to tee time at the local golf course, the BMW 530i provides a premium driving experience. Between its available xDrive all-wheel drive and sporty powertrain, you’re in for a fun and dependable drive.

The interior is equipped with exquisite upholstery as well as sleek glass controls. No matter what options you’re interested in, you can shine some light on them using a Sky Lounge Roof that runs the length of the cabin.

In addition to its elegance, the BMW 530i includes state-of-the-art technology. For instance, when you encounter a tight parking spot, the standard Parking Assistant can take the wheel for you and automatically park your car.

Plus, when you’re behind the wheel, you can hear everything from calls to playlists clearly thanks to the 12-speakerHarman Kardon® Premium Sound System.

Why Lease a BMW 530i

Benefits of BMW 530i Leasing

Leasing a luxury car is a great way to get behind the wheel and set yourself up for future upgrades. That’s because of how leasing is structured. First, you’ll agree to a lease term, which allows you to drive the BMW that you want for the next few years.

Once your lease is up, you’ll get to decide what you want to do next. If you’ve grown to love your BMW 530i, you could decide to buy it and switch over to financing. However, many drivers choose to sign up for another lease instead.

This allows you to upgrade every couple of years. Not only will you be able to enjoy the luxury and performance that you love, but you’ll always be up on the latest features, amenities, packages, and more.

On top of driving something always in good condition, leasing also offers the unique opportunity to get some variety in a vehicle that also feels familiar. You could lease a different trim level, opt for another upholstery, or pick a different color for your next lease while still getting the same trusty performance.

Check Out Our BMW Lease Offers

If signing up for a BMW 530i lease sounds like an intriguing option for you, check out our BMW lease offers. They’re a quick, convenient way to ensure a good rate on your next lease. You can browse our lease offers online anytime or visit our finance center to discuss the details.

At BMW of Stratham, we’re proud to offer quality leasing options and great customer service to drivers in Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH. Contact us to learn more or visit our dealership today.