BMW Warning Lights

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To keep you informed about your BMW’s status and needs, your vehicle is equipped with an array of BMW dashboard symbols. These symbols quickly and effectively communicate your car’s status with just a picture.

Below, the BMW of Stratham staff highlights the most important and common BMW dashboard lights, so that you can identify what your BMW needs on the roads of Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH.

Tire Pressure Monitor Light


BMW Warning Lights

BMW Warning Lights and Indicator Lights

Warning and indicator lights are staples with BMW vehicles. They serve to inform you about any vehicle issues, system reminders, and if any feature is engaged. The following are symbols that you’ll see frequently and which help you maintain your safety:

  • Safety Belt Reminder: Illuminates when any passenger is not wearing a seatbelt. This symbol is depicted by a passenger wearing a seatbelt.
  • Turn Signals: Illuminates when you signal that you are turning left or right. This symbol is depicted by a left or a right arrow.
  • High Beams: Illuminates when high beams are engaged. This symbol depicts a half circle with straight horizontal lines to the left of it.

Occasionally, you will also notice symbols that indicate an issue, which needs to be resolved:

  • Tire Pressure Monitor: Illuminates when one or more of your tires is underinflated. This symbol looks like a deflated tire with an exclamation point in the center.
  • Required Services: Illuminates when your vehicle is due for a service. This symbol looks like the outline of a car.
  • Engine Oil Level: Illuminates when your vehicle needs an oil change. This symbol looks like an oil can with a drop of oil coming out.

Brake Light Warning


Dashboard Symbols

Driver-Assistance Dashboard Lights

In addition to the standard set of BMW warning and indicator lights, you will also notice a range of symbols associated with your equipped safety system. The exact features and symbols that you see on your dashboard will vary by BMW model and trim, but you can learn about the most common ones below:

  • Speed Limit Info: A symbol that resembles a speed limit sign and displays the current speed limit.
  • Brake Warning: A symbol that resembles the front of a car and illuminates to signal that you need to brake. Flashes when you need to need to brake immediately.
  • Lane Departure Warning: A symbol that resembles a vehicle from overheard crossing over a vertical line. Illuminates when you’re leaving your lane without engaging the appropriate turn signal.
  • Cruise Control: A symbol that looks like an open half circle with a diagonal line extending from a point in the center. Illuminates when the cruise control system is activated.

Learn More About BMW Dashboard Symbols

There are more dashboard symbols that the BMW of Stratham team can talk about as the latest BMW vehicles have a lot of information to display. However, Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, New Hampshire, drivers will find that they usually notice the ones mentioned here the most.

If your BMW does display a dashboard light that you’ve never seen before, we’re happy to identify it for you. Call our team whenever you need assistance with your BMW or when it’s time to schedule a service appointment.