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BMW X1 vs BMW X5


BMW has long been known for taking quality to the next level with each of their new vehicles, truly providing drivers with the Ultimate Driving Machine®. Now, with both the 2021 BMW X1 and the 2021 BMW X5 on the market, how do you know which luxury vehicle is right for your drives in Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH?

To help you quickly decide between these premium Sports Activity Vehicles® (SAVs®), we at BMW of Stratham have created this BMW X1 vs. BMW X5 comparison. After reading, you’ll learn more about how these two models stack up against each other. Let’s get started by looking at how these two vehicles compare when it comes to performance! Keep reading or skip to browsing our X1 and X5 inventory right here.

BMW X5 Engine SpecsBMW X1 Engine Specs

X1 vs X5: Performance Specifications

Your vehicle’s engine is the heart of your travels. It provides the necessary energy to get you from Point A to Point B. When you drive either the X1 or X5, you’ll find that even your quick trips across town are thrilling, thanks to their powerful performance capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at how the engines of the X1 vs. X5 measure up!

X1 vs X5 Engine Specs





2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo

3.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo


228 HP

335 HP

Acceleration (0-60 MPH)

6.6 seconds

5.3 seconds

While the X1 offers the necessary power to make your commutes thrilling, the 2021 X5 is your go-to for power. On top of its powerful standard engine, the X5 comes with two additional, optional engines that each offer even more power:

  • 3.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo hybrid (horsepower/acceleration): 389 combined HP/5.3 seconds
  • 4.4L BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8 (horsepower/acceleration): 523 HP/4.1 seconds

This kind of power output allows for this model to tow an exponential amount with the right equipment. Pack up the whole family, hitch the trailer or family boat, and head out on your next adventure with ease.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5: Fuel Efficiency

Whether you have a full day planned with running errands or you’re about to start a road trip, making frequent trips to the pump isn’t an option. That’s why both the X1 and X5 come equipped with impressive fuel efficiencies.

With the X1, you get an EPA-estimated 24 city/33 highway MPG, allowing you to travel for miles at a time without having to make a stop at the pump.

The X5, while it provides thrilling power, fall short in terms of fuel efficiency when compared to the X1. This SAV® gets an EPA-estimated 16 city/22 highway MPG.

BMW X1 Cargo Space

X1 vs X5: Interior Comfort & Convenience

You can rest assured that the cabins of both the X1 and the 2021 BMW X5 are full of premium amenities. This way, even on the longest commutes, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. The X1 comes with automatic climate control, ensuring you’re always traveling with the perfect temperature. The X5 comes standard with 3-stage heated front seats.

A similar feature found with both models is the optional leather upholstery. This feature will add even more sophistication to your cabin’s interior.

Do you want access to even more standard comfort and convenience features? The X5 is equipped with features like:

  • 16-way power front seats
  • Panoramic moonroof
  • BMW Extended Ambient Lighting
  • Multi-color, adjustable ambient lighting

With these extra features, the X5 easily makes your cabin feel like an extension of your home.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5: Interior & Exterior Dimensions

A perk to driving a luxury SAV® like the BMW X1 or X5 is the extra space these vehicles provide. This is all thanks to their just-right body sizes, providing plenty of interior space while still making it easy to travel around town.

While both are SAVs®, the X1 is a compact vehicle, making it slightly smaller in overall size than the X5. Thanks to its smaller size, you may find it easier to squeeze into tight parking spots with the X1. Although, if you need extra room for passengers, the X5 may be the better option, thanks to its optional third row.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5 Dimensions





175.5/71.7/62.9 inches

194.3/78.9/68.7 inches

Headroom (front/rear)

41.9/39.4 inches

40.7/39.4 inches

Legroom (front/rear)

40.4/37 inches

39.8/37.4 inches

On top of plenty of wiggle room for passengers, both the BMW X1 and BMW X5 offer ample cargo room. This way, even when your rear seats are upright, you have plenty of room to bring along your travel equipment.

Being compact, the X1 has a smaller cargo capacity, ranging from 27.1 to 58.7 cubic feet. The X5, on the other hand, offers a cargo capacity range of 56.5 to 72.3 cubic feet.

BMW X5 Interior Tech

BMW X1 vs X5: Advanced Technology Features

As luxury vehicles, the 2021 BMW X1 and the 2021 BMW X5 provide drivers and riders with a variety of advanced technology features. Both vehicles come standardly equipped with a smart iDrive infotainment system, giving you the freedom to bring your favorite tunes along for the ride.

Features of the iDrive system with the X1 include:

  • 8.8-inch high-resolution display
  • Voice command system with Natural Language Understanding
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) updates
  • Apple CarPlay™

The X5 takes these amenities and adds extra flair with features like a 12.3-inch central information display and Android Auto™.

Both models make navigating uncharted territory easy, thanks to their standard navigation systems. Plus, with the standard Advanced Real-Time Traffic feature, you will always get to your destination with as few traffic hiccups as possible along the way.

BMW X1 vs BMW X5: Take a Test Drive

When your travels are in need of an upgrade, look no further than a luxury BMW SAV® like the X1 or X5. As you can see in our 2021 BMW X1 vs. X5 comparison, both vehicles have a lot to be excited about when it comes to performance, interior, dimensions, and advanced tech features.

Experience everything else the X1 and the X5 have to offer by coming down to BMW of Stratham and getting behind the wheel. Make the short drive from Stratham, Portsmouth, or Exeter, New Hampshire, to discover which of these luxury vehicles is the best fit for you! Contact us for your test drive today.

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