BMW X3 vs Audi Q5

Your family deserves the best. When it comes to your adventures through Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH, there’s no need to let an underpowered SUV stand between you and an exciting ride.With either the 2021 BMW X3 or the 2021 Audi Q5, you’ll be able to advance down the highway with plenty of force. However, when it comes to overall better handling, superior technology, and enhanced comfort, one of these models pulls ahead of the other.

To see which of these tough titans crosses the finish line first, let’s check out this BMW X3 vs. Audi Q5 vehicle comparison, created by BMW of Stratham. You’ll be ready for a spine-tingling ride after you scope out the specifications of these vehicles. Keep reading to get started or skip to browsing our X3 inventory right here.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5: Specs

There’s nothing better than being equipped with top-of-the-line handling while you’re surging down the road. With the 2021 BMW X3 as your commuting comrade, you’ll receive the help of a standard 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes.

By quickly selecting one of these options, your ride will transform from a highway cruiser into an expert speed demon in a matter of seconds. Plus, this car offers convenient steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters with Launch Control, so you can take every ounce of its energy into your own hands from the start of your commute.

Alternately, the 2021 Audi Q5 presents a 7-speed automatic transmission that could result in less control over the way your vehicle harnesses its power. Without an option like the Manual shift mode found in its BMW competitor, this automobile may not serve up all the versatility you’re looking for.

Plus, in terms of power, the X3 outshines the Q5, thanks to its three engine options.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 Engine Specs





3.0L BMW M TwinPower Turbo, optional

2.0L 45 TFSI®


382 HP

261 HP

Acceleration (0-60 MPH)

4.4 seconds

5.7 seconds

For more power and handling, the X3 is the way to go.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5: Technology

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5Every minute of your ride to work is important. So, if you’ve been searching for the ultimate in vehicle technology, the new BMW X3 comes loaded with tons of advanced gadgets.

From the standard 10.25-inch Central Information Display touchscreen, you’re free to select from tech-savvy options, including Bluetooth®, SiriusXM®, HD Radio™, navigation, and much more.

In addition, you can play the songs you have saved on your phone, thanks to the standard Apple CarPlay™ and optional Android Auto systems. Want to hear a song that you don’t have saved on your phone? Utilize the standard WiFi Hotspot feature to stream without running out of data.

While the 2021 Audi Q5 also includes an infotainment system and Apple CarPlay™ integration, the touchscreen is slightly smaller, measuring in at just 10.1 inches, possibly making it more difficult to select your favorite songs from the display screen.

Plus, if you want to connect to the built-in hotspot capabilities of the Q5, you’ll have to upgrade to include additional features, since WiFi is a feature offered with the available Audi connect® system.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5: Safety

Travel with the utmost confidence, knowing your luxury model has your back. That’s because both the X3 and Q5 come equipped with advanced safety suites. With the X3, you get Active Driving Assistant. With the Q5, you get the Audi pre sense® suite.

Both safety systems use advanced cameras and sensors to monitor your surroundings and provide you with alerts when a hazard is detected. Under certain circumstances, these features may provide automatic assistance to help avoid a collision.

Let’s take a closer look at the features included with these systems to see which provides you with the safety protection you need.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5 Safety Features

BMW Active Driving Assistant

Audi pre sense®

  • Frontal Collision Warning
  • Active Blind Spot Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Audi side assist
  • Audi pre sense® rear
  • Lane departure warning

As you can see, both the X3 and Q5 offer lots of safety features to help keep you and your passengers safe. The X3 shines with its standard Frontal Collision Warning system, while the Q5 offers Audi pre sense® rear, which monitors potential rear-end collisions. Otherwise, both come standard with blind spot and lane departure warning systems.

One safety feature that’s offered with the X3, but not with the Q5, is the Active Protection System. This system steps in when an unavoidable collision is detected. When this occurs, your vehicle will automatically pretension your safety belts, close all windows and the moonroof, and activate post-crash braking, which includes Fatigue and Focus Alert.

Thanks to this extra feature, you can feel even more safe and secure when driving the BMW X3.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5: Cabin Dimensions and Cargo Capacity

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5Planning an upcoming journey with your family? If so, you can take full advantage of the 62.7 cubic feet of cargo room offered by the 2021 BMW X3 when the back seats are folded.

For even more flexibility, the chairs inside this Sports Activity Vehicle® also feature a 40/20/40 split-folding capability. That way, you can effortlessly fit items of any shape or size into your car.

On the other hand, the cargo compartment of the 2021 Audi Q5 only provides 54 cubic feet of cargo space, meaning that storing all your luggage and camping gear into this car could be a little tough.

Passengers may find it easier to stretch out inside the X3, thanks to the extra space this model provides passengers, especially in terms of headroom:

  • BMW X3 headroom (front/rear): 41.1/38.5 inches
  • Audi Q5 headroom (front/rear): 39.6/39.3 inches

Thanks to these features, taller passengers will likely feel more comfortable traveling inside the X3 than in the Q5.

BMW X3 vs Audi Q5: The Verdict

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through the details of this BMW X3 vs. Audi Q5 comparison, it’s likely that you’ve determined which vehicle will send you soaring over the roads of Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, New Hampshire. For more cargo room, comfort, handling, versatility, safety, and technology, choose the 2021 BMW X3.

Why wait around for this automobile to sail away from our dealership? Instead, stop by the showroom at BMW of Stratham or contact our team to schedule your test drive today!