These Three Pilates Studios near Stratham, NH Will Help You Use Your Body to its Fullest Potential

If you’re looking for a great Pilates studio to teach you how to live your life to the fullest, there are plenty of great studios in your area. Here are three Pilates studios near Stratham, NH, that will help you use your body to its fullest potential.

Mary Lou Barrett Personal Training and Pilates | Connect on Facebook

learn pilatesFor people looking for a small Pilates studio taught by a personal trainer with twenty-five years of experience, visit Mary Lou Barrett Personal Training and Pilates. At this studio you will be guided by a well-trained instructor who is dedicated to your progress.

This studio is also well suited for a variety of exercise techniques with a wide selection of equipment to choose from. There are free weights, Cadillacs, and rowers all to make Pilates easy and effective.

CJ Physical Therapy & Pilates | Connect on Facebook

If you’re looking for a studio that is built with health in mind, check out CJ Physical Therapy & Pilates. This Pilates studio is built for full body work outs to enrich you, so you can feel happier and healthier than you did when you came in.

The team at CJ Physical Therapy & Pilates is also happy and friendly to all their clients. This studio focuses on private lessons, so you will feel comfortable when learning from these talented instructors.

The Pilates Room | Connect on Facebook

learn pilatesFor those seeking a studio that will help you live a more active lifestyle overall, visit The Pilates Room. This comprehensive Pilates studio is great for those who want to get a bit more out of their exercise experience.

The Pilates Room offers private lessons with a free thirty-minute consultation to get you started. They also offer recipes on their website to keep you eating healthy as well. If you’re looking to change up how you live your life, check out this Pilates studio.

Visit One of These Great Pilates Classes

Pilates students looking for a great opportunity to enhance their fitness experience can look to one of these Pilates studios. Among these classes, you’re sure to find a place that will help you use your body to its fullest potential.