Tips for Buying Your First BMW


Congratulations! You’ve decided that a BMW is exactly what you need to take your travels in and around Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter to the next level. Being a first-time BMW buyer, you might find yourself unsure where to start. Fear not; our team at BMW of Stratham has thought of everything for you already.

We’ve put together this Tips for Buying Your First BMW reference guide to make this exciting endeavor as fun and easy as possible. Ready to learn how? Keep reading!

Tips for Buying Your First BMW

Tips for Buying Your First BMW: Start with a Budget

Before you can climb behind the wheel of a BMW, you must first have a better sense of your financial needs.

This involves creating a finance plan that’s best suited for you. This is where you’ll calculate your monthly income plus your expenses. Generally speaking, your monthly payments should be no more than 15% of your monthly income.

Fortunately, you have access to several complimentary tools that can make this step as easy as possible. Tools like an online financing application and payment calculator were designed to give insight into your unique needs.

The financing application gives you a glimpse into the type of loan you might qualify for. This information can be used to fill out the payment calculator tool. Using information like interest rate, loan term, and down payment, you’ll be presented with an estimate of what you might be paying monthly.

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Finding the Right BMW for You

After you have a better idea of your financial needs, now comes the exciting part of figuring out which BMW complements your personality the best. Some things you’ll want to take into consideration when browsing inventory includes body style, drivetrain, mileage, and more.

Those who prefer a spacious SUV should check out something like the BMW X3. You’ll have a roomy 62.7 cubic feet of maximum cargo space that you can fill to your heart’s desire. On the other hand, if an agile and fuel-efficient sedan best suits your needs, the BMW 3 Series with its EPA-estimated 26 city/36 highway MPG is perfect for you.

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Customize Your BMW

Now that you’ve figured out your general vehicle needs, our next tip for buying your first BMW is to learn about customization options. This includes features like technology, upholstery, and comfort. For this, you’ll want to look at the different models and their trim levels.

Let’s say you choose to go with the BMW X5 or BMW X7. Both vehicles come standard with a Live Cockpit Professional system—a 12.3-inch iDrive 7.0 infotainment system and digital instrument cluster. This system allows you to stay connected on the go and informed about your drive.

Although, if you’re looking for standard built-in Wi-Fi, this will be found on the X7 and not the X5.

Similarly, when looking at the upholstery options of the X5, you get the choice between standard SensaTec or the optional Vernasca Leather with a higher trim level.

Start Your BMW Search Today

When you follow our tips for buying your first BMW, you’ll find yourself cruising around Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter in the blink of an eye.

Why wait to get started? Visit our BMW dealership, where you’ll find a vast selection of vehicles and a team of experts to help you every step of the way.

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