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BMW vs Volvo

If you’re considering a luxury brand, it’s more than likely that both BMW and Volvo have crossed your path. These luxury vehicles bring a sense of style and sophistication to the Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, New Hampshire, roads. So, how will you know which one to choose for yourself?

BMW of Stratham is here to help interested drivers with this BMW vs. Volvo brand comparison. Below, we’ll go over these brands’ past, current lineup, and a glimpse at your future driving either vehicle.

BMW vs Volvo: A Brief History

BMW vs Volvo: A Brief HistoryBefore comparing BMW and Volvo today, it’s important to consider their histories. Both brands began—BMW in 1917 and Volvo in 1927—with a simple mission: to make a unique luxury vehicle unlike any of its predecessors.

BMW, or Bavarian Engine Works Company, was founded to create engines for various applications. This German brand was originally working on aircraft engines before switching its focus to automobiles. From there on out, the focus has been athletic, racecar-like performance.

The goals surrounding the origins of Volvo, a Swedish automotive brand, were focused mainly on crafting a strong, safe vehicle for the road. This motive has followed the brand ever since.

BMW vs Volvo: The Current Luxury Lineup

With their histories laying a solid foundation, both brands continue to provide luxurious vehicles. The BMW and Volvo vehicle lineup is comprised of sedans and SUVs. Volvo offers models like the S90 sedan, whose mild-hybrid technology encourages smooth handling and performance.

However, along with over 10 sedans and 10 SUVs available, BMW also offers coupes and convertibles for ambitious drivers. The BMW M4, for example, is designed to reach speeds of 155 MPH.

BMW vs Volvo: Electrified

2022 BMW iXAlong with their collection of luxury sedans and SUVs, BMW and Volvo both offer luxury electric vehicles (EVs) designed to propel you towards the future. Whether you’re looking for a fully electric car—like the BMW iX or the Volvo C40—or a hybrid vehicle, you’ll have options from both brands.

If it’s electric or plug-in hybrid you want, though, you’ll find more BMW options available than Volvo.

BMW vs Volvo: On-Road Features

2021 BMW 3 Series InteriorWith such a large variety of luxury vehicles to choose from, it’s equally important to consider the on-road features offered by BMW and Volvo. Both brands offer an app that lets you remain connected to your vehicle, whether you’re on the road or at home. You can start your car, lock it, set the temperature, and more.

One way BMW goes a step further to enhance your driving experience is with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. This technology is designed to get to know you, so that over time, it can set your cabin preferences and create a seamless driving experience.




BMW vs Volvo: Discover the Right Luxury Brand for You!

When it comes to luxury car brands, both BMW and Volvo bring exceptional choices to the table. However, for those around Stratham, Portsmouth, and Exeter, NH, looking for a performance-focused luxury car, there’s nothing quite like the experience of driving a BMW.

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