Get the Facts on BMW Active Cruise Control

December 26th, 2016 by

There are lots of features on your BMW that make the ride simple, and fun. When you’re driving on the highway, using cruise control is great because it allows you to set a speed and take your foot off the gas. With BMW Active Cruise Control, we get the next generation of that, adding many other features that are beneficial to our driving experience.

  • BMW Active Cruise Control allows you to set a speed that can be maintained while driving in unobstructed highway and road settings
  • The system will auto-adapt to the pace of traffic on the road, so if there is a slower vehicle in front of you, it will act according to the options you set, which includes keeping a set distance, and reducing acceleration if needed
  • BMW Active Cruise Control also will apply the brakes and come to a full stop if it senses the vehicle in front is decelerating or making a stop, too
  • You’ll also auto accelerate when the vehicles in front of you begin to move again and get back to your desired speed once the lane is clear

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