Take A Penny And Check Your Tire Tread With Ease

October 26th, 2016 by

The BMW lineup provides you with standout luxury and performance, and to keep it that way means to take care of your vehicle in all respects. That includes your tires. When you rack up plenty of miles on them, the tread wears, and when there gets to be too much wear, which can lead to lack of grip and traction, and the need for tire replacement. If you’re not sure of your tire tread, there is a simple way to check, and all it takes is a penny.

  • Take a penny and put it in between the tread of your tires with Abraham Lincoln’s head going down toward the tread
  • If Lincoln’s head disappears, that means your tread is good, and you are fine
  • If you are able to see all of Lincoln’s head, that means you are in need or some new tires

It’s that simple with the penny test. Here at BMW of Stratham, we’d be happy to answer your questions as they relate to tires and what kind you need on your vehicle in our service center, while also installing them for you, too.

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