Must-Try Cafes for Coffee-Lovers near Stratham, NH

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The bitter, tantalizing scent of roasted coffee beans flutters through the air at these must-try coffee cafes near Stratham, NH. You’ll find a caffeinated treat fit for your taste buds when you stop into any of these acclaimed locations. Plus, the diverse menu options are terrific, with a few favorites including iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, and even classics like hot chocolate.

So, if you love a toasty cup of coffee to pair with a relaxing brunch, then check out these tranquil cafes!

Depot Café

Depot Café works to provide its loyal customers with expertly prepared food, warm coffee, and a welcoming environment, which is reflected in their popular motto, Where friends meet.

If you stop in for breakfast, you can opt for dishes like the Veggie Scramble, the Mediterranean, or the Huevos Ranchero Wrap. As for caffeine, there are diverse options like a rich espresso, scrumptious Café Mocha, or refined cappuccino.

To learn more about the charming Depot Café, check out their Facebook page!

D2 Java

Everything from the menu and the service to the atmosphere and décor is cutting-edge at D2Java. Plus, they have an advanced coffee-making process that includes detailed grinding, brewing, and pressing to extract the most flavor possible.

When you enter this cozy café, you’ll be greeted with a range of options. If you’re not certain what you want to get, then ask the experienced staff for a recommendation.

If you want to read some reviews, you can always go to the D2 Java Facebook page to see what the locals are buzzing about!

Me and Ollies

The overall vibe emanating from Me and Ollies is one that welcomes guests of all ages. Not only will you get a steaming cup of coffee, but you’ll also have a range of delicious menu items to choose from.

The Turkey Reuben, Southwest Chipotle Turkey, and Pesto Veggie are standout sandwiches, for example. As for the coffee, you’re guaranteed a 100% natural, sustainable brew every time.

If you think Me and Ollies is the place for you, stop in for a drink after checking out their Facebook page!

Grab a Cup of Joe at These Cafes near Stratham, NH

Coffee is the fuel for your everyday activities, and these cafes serve some of the best coffee in the Stratham area. So, stop in for a cup of joe today!

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